Currently in Sri Lanka. It is not India, but, over the last few years here, I have built an audience of nearly 1 million views ... so, I hope I can share this wonderful island experience in this amazing region . Joe Mickey, Dec. 2018

Do enjoy ALL the travels offered here . Thanks for looking in. 

India is a beautiful obsession.

Chaos, funny, sexy, colorful, sad, human and joy.

Toss in the beautiful and crazy street fashions.

You have not seen India presented in this way.

I offer travel tips, cultural insights and welcome comments and questions. 

This blog has become the journal and production photos from filming the India Short Stories series of films.

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Visually Yours, Joe Mickey 

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The weekend is a little different at Galle Fort in Sri Lanka 

The court house parking lot turns into arts and crafts and fashion designs. Toss in the trick riding scooter boys. 

The beach at the base of the lighthouse draws a crowd looking to cool down.

Walking the wall appears to be much more popular than walking the streets.

The walk along the wall is an endless runway fashion show with tropical breezes and an ocean view.

On Monday we will return to Colombo. 

Today I made an out and back walk to get a bag to 

condense all our small bags and to pick up a few 

Refreshments for what was going to be a hot day…

Still, gotta keep the camera handyl.

These few photos are out and back encounters Galle, Sri Lanka, Dec.

Connie loves trains and all the write-ups on Sri Lanka say take a train... so we did, from Galle to Matara, the southern most city in Asia.

I will let a cut and paste tell you the short version on Matara. We did round trip in a day and spent about 4 hours, the main destination being the lighthouse at Dondra Head.

The ride itself takes about an hour and it is easy to see that Sri Lanka living is carved from jungle.

Most of the photos are ride and drive by. This is a very relaxed country.

When I shoot Every Day Life (EDL) I often have only a small idea of what I have returned with in the camera.

I press the shutter because I am attracted to a color, an expression, the character of a person revealed in the face or the expectation of what appears to  be moving in my direction. 

Until I get back with my images, I only vaguely know what I have collected.

I dropped back into our temporary  neighborhood. 

The home stay situation takes the trip out of the tourist area and provides contact with life as it exists on a daily basis in this area of  Sri Lanka.

This is life that goes on with our without the tourist. That is not to say that life would not go on in the tourist areas but without the tourist those areas would be vastly different. 

My continued hope in each post, just as I am surprised by each frame I hope you will be also.

Places change when seen on new days, different light and arriving at familiar points from different directions and everything becomes new. 

This is Galle Fort in Sri Lanka take two.  Monday makes it tourist minimal. It is a fashion show in a place that is restored by virtue of being a UNESCO world heritage sight. 

Established by the Dutch, as I said in the first posting, there is not a grain of information I can add.

I took up a spot or two near an intersection and decided to photograph Sri Lanka on wheels. 

So here you have it… 

Just be aware that every once in a while Every Day Life also walked into view. 

Enjoy this Sunday morning in Sri Lanka.

It is not easy to catch a photo of a Sri Lankan citizen in the act of every day life ( photo term is EDL )

When they are out and about, in the tropical heat they move with absolute purpose. No lollygagging, no window shopping. 

But, when I ask to take a photo they are friendly, and patient while I fuss with the zoom and composition. For the moment or two they are so kind as to make my photo of them their purpose. 

Some here are candid EDL and some portraits given for the asking.

Admittedly, it was a hot day, I walked only one trail marked Jungle Beach and yep it was through a bit of a tropical jungle on a downhill path that I knew, in the heat, I would have to walk back up. 

Jungle Beach comes heavily hyped and I think having seen other photos online that it has to be made up of a series of same-named coves that I did not see.